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Blue Kite Wellness was founded based on the personal experiences of trauma and grief by the founders. We have gone through challenges such as professional burnout, marital conflicts, postpartum depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, and significant trauma from losing close friends at a young age. Through our personal journeys, we recognized the importance and benefits of mental health services and observed the delays and issues with access to these services. This is our “why.” Blue Kite Wellness was established so that we can address these issues and provide support to individuals in need.

Blue Kite Wellness’s vision is to create a renowned Integrative Health and Wellness Center that combines cutting-edge technology and holistic treatments from around the world. Our mission is to provide the community we serve with integrative behavioral health education, resources, and support. We strive to foster a positive and optimal healing environment by using evidence-based, holistic therapies that prioritize self-healing, technology-driven, and overall well-being. Our focus is on the individual rather than on specific diseases.

Of utmost importance to our practice is creating a culture of healing that puts our clients first, empowering them on their wellness journey. Our state-of-the-art facility features innovative technology and offers treatments from across the globe, with close collaboration between practitioners. Stepping into our Wheaton location, you will find unique amenities such as a relaxation lounge where you can reflect and enjoy herbal teas before sessions and a Better Days room for meditation, self-reflection, group services, and community events.

As a practice, we are also committed to avoiding provider burnout by empowering them with value, respect, flexibility, autonomy, meaningful work, life-work integration, and fully integrated decision-making for the growth of the organization. As our practice grows, we will offer minimum-cost holistic services such as yoga, reiki, nutritional support, health coaching, acupuncture, Tai chi, meditation, mindfulness, and massage to support our community in achieving their goals.

Our strength lies in our diverse team of professionals who bring a variety of perspectives and insights, enabling us to create innovative programming and capitalize on partnership opportunities to better support the ever-changing needs of our community.

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